Wednesday, March 17, 2010

intern(al) struggle

So, I have an intern.

First, it was awkward because she watched me all the time. Her eyes just trailed me around the room. Taking notes. Freaking me out.

Then, it was annoying because she repeated everything I said during the lesson when it was her turn to teach. Verbatim. Including tone and inflection. Geez.

Next, it was actually kind-of neat to help her get better at things like classroom management and instructional methods. So that was cool.

Later, it became frustrating because she was frequently late, sent text messages to claim she was sick, and didn't turn in lesson plans. Super inconvenient. Unprofessional much?

So then, it went back to being awkward because I had to explain all of this during her midterm evaluation. This is why I took a job where the only people I boss around are seventh graders. Trying to explain faults to a person my age who should know better? Barf.

Recently, it became ridiculous when she let the kids watch a PG-13 movie while I was out of town, got caught by the vice principal, and was reprimanded by my principal and her supervisor. The result? She cried. Swore up and down she wouldn't be late or out sick or thoughtless ever again.

Good thing she was late on Monday and out sick on Tuesday.

What's the word for "I'm so over this shit?"



emilysuze said...

Wowza. How much longer do you have this intern in your classroom?

~Kelani~ said...

I am an intern and I hope my teacher is not thinking of me like this! But I have been late once (alarm clock failure-which I took full credit for and never happened again) and never missed a day! I love it though!

The Working Girl said...

K - Being a directing teacher is not something I was prepared for and it's also kind-of awkward because my intern is my age (28). Only, I've been teaching for six years. I doubt your teacher is thinking badly of you for one tardy - we're all human! But as you can see, my intern has an issue with professionalism. Good luck with the rest of your semester and best of luck teaching!!!