Saturday, March 20, 2010

me? ballsy?

Yesterday, I asked my intern to stay for a chat. I was happy and proud that she immediately spoke up about her behavior. She said she knew she'd made mistakes and not bounced back; she felt like it affected our relationship. Then she apologized. I was impressed, because I know that was difficult for her.

But I told her the truth.

I told her I was disappointed. I said I was shocked that she didn't even attempt to come in after being reprimanded by her university supervisor. I told her that if someone called me for a recommendation, I wouldn't be able to give one because she was so unreliable.

I didn't sugarcoat. I made sure I told her everything I wanted. I wasn't mean, I was fair. I told her she was a good teacher who needed to stop making excuses and get her act together.

I'm oddly proud of myself. In the past, that would not have been me. I probably would've just told her not to worry about it and keep letting things slide. Lately, I find myself being quite ballsy.

Fueled by my new found confidence, I signed up for's three day trial and winked at every semi-attractive guy who used correct spelling and punctuation in his profile. We'll see what comes from that!



emilysuze said...

1) way to go on being so straight forward, honest, and upfront with your intern.

2) did you write this post before your FB status about ditching online dating? because I definitely want to hear whatever story inspired that one! :)

The Working Girl said...

1) thanks

2) No, it's just frustrating because you wink at someone, he looks at your profile, then nothing. So you don't want to go look at him again because it makes you look crazy, but you want to know if he's been online. Then he never responds, which is rejection, and stupid. Then another one responds, and writes back in one run-on sentence, which is annoying. Then I give one dude my number and he never calls. Then I get an email and am actually interested. Then another guy texts me and the convo is boring. UGH! I should post this, LOL!

emilysuze said...

I think this has the potential to turn into a great chick lit book that I would take with me to the beach and read while sipping a margarita. Or read while I'm riding the bike at the gym. The gym seems like a more realistic setting since when will I ever fit into a bikini again, get to drink, or go to the beach? :)

Anna Stubbs said...

Good for you for speaking up. Also, good for you for signing up on I think that was probably just as hard as confronting your intern.

Anonymous said...

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