Thursday, April 3, 2008

awesumness continues

I've never been the "Woo! Spring Break!" type of girl. Oddly enough, the desire to hear men yell "Show me your boobs!" while trying to relax on the beach never appealed to me. Body shots and belly piercings and dirty hotel rooms never found a way to my radar. In high school, I'd do volunteer trips with my church and fix peoples houses or work in a soup kitchen. In college, I worked to pay the bills. A myriad of drunken Spring Break memories is something I'm glad I don't own.

Now, as a teacher, I'm on the flip side of spring break. For the first time in my life, I could probably afford one of those Spring Break Debauchery excursions. I actually don't have to work during Spring Break because, um, they won't let me. Now, I'm the "Woo! Teacher Perk!" girl. Woo! Teacher Perk!

On most breaks from work, I find myself watching too much reality tv. And sleeping. I always say I'm going to paint my house and it never happens. I realize that this a desperate cry for help. In order to break this habit, I've been saying yes to whatever is presented to me this week. This theory worked extremely well last night.

I went to Art Walk for the first time. Art Walk is an awesum event hosted downtown the first Wednesday of every month, rain or shine. Local businesses shut down and serve as impromptu art galleries. The new main library, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Hemming Plaza were hosting spoken poets and jazz musicians. I also really liked the exhibits in the "old library", a 60s retro building being renovated into offices.

I met up with some friends from my travel group and wandered around for awhile. Another awesum thing about Art Walk is after parties. Two bars were offering free drinks to anyone attending AW. It was great to spend the evening getting to know new people and drinking a deliciously free martini.

The not-so-awesum part of the evening was having my car locked in the parking garage and also being stranded. Luckily, my travel buddies were awesum enough to stick it out with me and flag down a MOCA employee. This guy just happened to know the man who ran the parking garage and a three second phone call was all it took to bust me out. Sadly, though, my reality tv habits die hard. I got home a little after midnight, but you better believe I was up til 2 watching Top Chef.

Woo! Spring Break!

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