Sunday, April 13, 2008


Like Emily, I love reading my friend's blogs to find inspiration for my own posts. Recently, Kim posted about "Living Brave". I wrote a similar post about this a few months ago, and I declared 2008 The Year of Risk.

Um, yeah. I can't say that I've done much risk tasking so far this year.

I am very interested in going somewhere this summer with this company.

Do I have the money? Actually, yes. I recently got a tax return that would enable me to fund my trip.

But, as we know, this blog started as a way to get out of debt. This tax return could be a big help in paying off a credit card. Granted, I haven't used my credit cards since August. So, I could pay for this trip in cash, but it comes at the price of still being in debt.

I feel like I never take risks because I am always focused on doing the responsible thing...especially with money. Ugh. Dilemma.

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emilysuze said...

This looks like an amazing opportunity. Grab onto it with both hands and enjoy the experience!