Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, I survived the expired brinner, although I ended up not having enough maple syrup to make my pancakes worthwhile. Oh well.

I hit Publix again, and this time extended my budget to $30 and only went over by 72 cents. I managed to stock up on some good sales to help me in the weeks to come.

I liked this challenge so much that I might just extend it. Right now I'm thinking I will go at least one more week, but I'd like to keep it up until I leave for DC on the 1st.

I am saving up money to party with my sisters (or, to be more specific, be a huge tourist dork and hit up all the stuff I didn't pay attention to on my 8th grade fieldtrip!) One favorite memory of this trip is a certain someone getting caught with a certain other someone underneath the seats on the train! What's your favorite Washington trip memory?

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Anonymous said...

was this a certain h and a certain s?

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