Thursday, October 23, 2008

paging dr freud, paging dr freud

I've had this thought stuck in my head for awhile. It's a weird one, but it's there. Actually, it's probably not so weird. But here it is.

So, usually, they say that girls want to find guys like their dad. The theory is that you will grow up to be like your mom, so you'll want to find a balance like your dad. Unless, unlike me, you had a crappy dad. Then you don't want a guy like him. Well, your subconscious might. But you'll eventually learn that you don't.

But back to me. I'm just curious. What do you do when you are a girl who grew up to be like your dad, and you have no clue who your mom was?


emilysuze said...

You are in uncharted territory. However, I think you're doing a lovely job of discovering who you are and sharing yourself with select people who are worthy of knowing you.

And, you know your mom is watching you and guiding you and helping you on this journey.

freedtobe said...

What makes you think you actually did not wind up like your mom...and your dad...???

I've pondered this myself and having a mother that was not as awesome as yours hoped and prayed I am nothing like her.

But you Linds...the force is strong in you. And it was with her. I still remember on Wednesday night suppers she would take the 2 cent things on the table and rattle the hell out of them to remind us to give the change for the poor who are not as fortunate. Something tells me that's a move you would have done as well without even thinking about it.