Saturday, October 4, 2008

tales from singleville

Tonight, I'm being set up. My friend from work, Anne, is playing matchmaker and setting me up with her son. She's a guidance counselor so I trust her guidance, even though I am very aware it's guiding me towards her offspring. She's hosting a dinner party (low country shrimp boil - yum!) but I know the premise is for me to meet him.

She's been trying to get us together for over a year. I think Anne's invite is sweet. Also, it is much less terrifying than the time my stepmother tried to convince me to date my stepbrother. No, I'm not kidding.

There are a lot of ladies at my work who've offered to set me up with their son. "Oh, he's such a catch!" they say. "You are, too!" they assure me. I think they find it odd that after all these years (going on 27 of them) I am, wonder of wonders, still single. Occasionally, I've considered accepting their offers. One of them actually has a son who is Very Hot. But she is Very Crazy and I don't want to go down that road.

Last week, I went to church with a work-friend to meet her grandmother's neighbor. (Note: he was not old, he was exactly my age. And he goes to church with a little old lady - who doesn't think that sounds super cute??) Alas, he looked so much like a cuter version of one of my exes that I spent the whole service trying to remember if said ex had a little brother with a little old lady fetish. Sorry, God.

Dating the son of a friend you work with has it's pros and cons. Right now, all I can think about are the cons. Everything-Is-A-Possible-Tragedy Linds is taking over my brain. What if we don't hit it off? Will she hold it against me? Will things be awkward at work?

However, Oh-Shut-Up-You-Wimp Linds is trying to channel my anxiety. Honestly, I work at a middle school, so how much more awkward could my work atmosphere become? Also, I've known Anne for five years and know she is a genuinely caring, down to earth, realistic person. Chances of her slitting my tires over not giving him the green light are slim to none. Lastly, she even said that if I don't feel a connection to her son, she would love to set me up with one of his many friends! Who doesn't loved being pimped out?

I don't have any expectations going in to this. Honestly, I have not felt like dating at all lately. It's complicated and messy. I'm complicated and messy enough on my own - why add to that equation?

Oh well. Worst case scenario - I eat some free shrimp and Anne keys my car.



GatorGirlintheCity said...

Greeting from Chicago!! Have fun tonight--hope you will blog about it ;) Give this married lady some fun stories to read! haha j/k

emilysuze said...

How did the shrimp boil go? Your loyal funs want to hear about the non-date! :)

P.S. Your blog is the hi-light of my day at this point in time. The only other exciting thing that I do is watch new episodes of CSI on OnDemand...sad, I know.

So write on lovely, single lady!