Monday, August 17, 2009

check out dem apples

So, I'm sitting in my classroom right now (I'm also off the clock, should anyone from DCPS be investigating me). I'm staring at the mountain of tasks that Must Be Accomplished before the students arrive.

I'm not teaching Language Arts this year; I'm teaching journalism. I'm really excited! And nervous!

Is it bad that I kind of don't want the kids to show up next week?

Sigh. I'm back in action.


emilysuze said...

Good luck with the yearbook. It's so nice that you're only doing journalism so you're not running around like crazy trying to do LA and the yearbook stuff. What company are you guys using?

Can I tell you that it makes me so sad to read about all of my teacher friends getting ready to start school and I miss it. I miss the excitement and the decorating and the jitters and hanging out with my other teacher buddies. *sigh*

The Working Girl said...

They are screwing me with the yearbook and sticking a bunch of kids with no where else to go in that class. I'm so mad I could scream. When I asked for a few schedules to fix the problem myself, I was told that even though the schedules are available, no one had the time to even GIVE them to me to look at. Or, let me take them to make copies in, oh, 30 seconds. I'm so mad - I do so much for them and FOR WHAT? I ask for one little favor and get basically told to suck it up. Be glad, for today, you're not putting up with this today!!!!

emilysuze said...

You got royally screwed. And you're getting screwed for free. I can't believe they have totally taken advantage of you like that.

I don't know what it is about Duval and their crappy attitude towards yearbook stuff. My experience at Vanguard was a-mazing and then yearbook at Englewood was my breaking point. I had kids flat out refusing to do anything and telling me that their parents were going to get me fired for giving them a D in an elective class. It was a constant battle in which I received no support from the admin or other teachers. My heart goes out to you.

Are you getting to work with Cady&Cady? They were the only bright side to doing the yearbook. They offered me support, prizes, and anything I needed to get through that mess.