Tuesday, April 27, 2010

on why one shouldn't get a spray tan

1. You will look orange.
2. You will feel orange.
3. You will smell orange.

Orange you glad I gave you a warning???


Dillyweed said...

Actually I am glad. I've been thinking about this as a possibility later this summer. I'm to a be a bridesmaid at a friends wedding. and The dress is sleeveless. I usually wear t-shirts and will for sure end up sporting a farmers tan. Looking for a way to possibly even out the whiteness on my upper arms. Do you have any alternative suggestions.

The Working Girl said...

Well, keep in mind, I'm kind-of an over-reactor.

The reason I got a spray tan is because I have an event in three days that I needed to eliminate tans lines for as well. They said that using the tanning bed (which freaks me out) wouldn't show up in time. They recommended the spray tan and I went with it.

I think I'm just used to being white and not having color! If you get a spray tan, have them put it on the lowest setting. You can always do a test run first (a month or so before to see if you like it.)

You can always start tanning in advance, or make a conscious effort to start wearing tank tops in advance. My friend has good luck with the tanning lotions, but you have to start that sooner rather than later. And be careful with the palms of your hands!

Good luck!

The Working Girl said...

But seriously - it stinks. Literally. I can still smell it on me after I took a shower.

wiki-san said...

ha ha ha .. that happened to my Aunt too. It's the same with those "self tanners" it seems like (or most of the ones I've tried).

The only daily 'self tanner' that I would recommend is the Jergens Natural Glow stuff. It doesn't really leave your skin feeling super oily or greasy after you put it on and it doesn't really give you that nice orange glow afterwards.