Friday, April 2, 2010


So, as revealed in recent post, I went somewhat crazy on I figured if my house wasn't going to appraise at a decent value, I might as well whore myself out on (And by whore myself out I mean give my phone number to a lot of people. Don't get all judgmental on me.)

Here are the results:

Best Buy Guy:
Eh, kinda boring. No real sparks there. All we did was text and it was just yawn, yawn, yawn. While I was disappointed to lose my connection to a possible discount on electronics, I wasn't sad to delete his messages.

Bold Approach Dude:
I saw this particular person wrote "I don't date blondes" on his profile. Um, ftw? So I wrote him and said, "As Barack Obama said, it's time for a change!" He did call me, but it was the night before he wanted to do something. He also called from a bar where he was out with his friends and said, "I have to admit, it helped when you added the additional pictures to your profile. After that, I wanted to call you." Again, ftw dude? I took that as an insult and blew him off. I know men are visual but give me a break. Well, he's been pretty persistent since then. I feel like this guy has "bad boy" written all over him. Uh-oh. Don't worry. We're supposed to hang out next Tuesday.

Med School Man:
Upside - makes really hysterical jokes about fish tacos and his rounds in gynecology. Downside - lives in Gainesville and is going to start fourth year of med school this summer. Won't be back in Jax until the first of May. But I do love fish tacos...

The Younger Man:
Well, he's two years younger than me, but it counts. I met him for drinks, but he had a friend with him so it was hard to tell if there was any connection. Meh, next please.

Baggage Boy:
He has a daughter, but surprisingly, that didn't really bother me. I guess my surplus of middle schoolers bothered him, because I haven't heard from him in over a week. It probably didn't help that he sent me a text message right after I had the home-loan debacle and when asked, "How's it going?" I replied, "My life sucks." Oops.

So, when you add up all these suitors and multiply the fact that MLL has been around a lot lately, you get MANDEMONIUM!



emilysuze said...

I love the hook you used on Bad Boy. You're just so cute and clever, much too cute and clever for this Bad Boy, but at least it sounds like you'll get a good blog post out of it for next week. :)

P.S. I may wear "the dress" on Sunday for the two different Easter dinners we've been invited to (there are some serious perks to being the poor-young-married-couple-with-no-family-in-the-area during the holidays)and will make sure Chris takes a picture of me for the blog. :)

Heather said...

lol to the "my life sucks" comment! I love you so much! :)

Nikhil Garg said...

"my life sucks" was totally cool. I am so gonna use it too. lol