Saturday, May 15, 2010

is hating negativity a contradiction?


This week sucked.

I don't know what it is about work this year, but I'm just so over it. It's been a constant uphill battle. I started off poorly. People keep yelling at me. Yes, yelling at me. I don't think anything I've done deserves the yelling - mostly because I'm just trying to do my job. Not to mention, we're supposed to be working professionals.

I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall. I was telling my good friend about this and she reminded me about what a shitty year I've had. Negativity vindicated! (Thanks, Kat.)

Even if you didn't want to know, the list basically includes a bad start to the school year, grandmother dying on Thanksgiving, putting my beloved dog to sleep, cancer scares, a home appraisal in the form of an epic failure, intern drama, frustrations with church, and I just found out that MLL (who wasn't really my boyfriend in the first place because I have commitment issues) is dating other people. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Woe is me!!!!!

Thinking about all these crappy things makes me want to put my head through a wall. Or punch someone. Or put someone else's head through a wall and then punch them in the butt.

It even makes me not want to go to the beaches "Dancin in the Street" festival this weekend, even though I've been looking forward to those street margaritas all year.

So, I have a choice.

I could focus on those things. I could let them drag me down. Or instead, I could think about the positive things that happened this year. There was working with my yearbook kids, being named Teacher of the Year, working with the amazing Neeley for Montreat, getting accepted to the Boston school (at least I know I'm talented, even if I'm broke!), the veto triumph of Senate Bill six, not having cancer, awesum blog followers, and various good times with friends.

So I chose the good things.

Plus margaritas.



Sojourner said...

margaritas. good choice!

spankey said...

I was being dragged down by negativity too. It takes some work but I now come up with three positive/good things in my life a day. Some days it is near impossible to come up with all three! Check out my blog!

VQ girl in Vietnam said...

I know exactly how you feel. Things happen for a reason so stay positive. I'm a new follower.... and it's great to see someone writing from their inner thoughts.

Please check out my blog sometime:

emilysuze said...

I've always found that the negativity in Jax was greatly negated by Alehouse margaritas--so you go enjoy your street margs and think happy thoughts.

Have you started a countdown to the end of the year yet? Perhaps getting your yearbook kids to make a paperchain countdown would help make things a little cheerier. :)