Saturday, May 1, 2010

maybe she deserved it

Don't go feeling all sorry for my intern after that last "I'm a bitch" post of mine.

I remembered what it was that frustrated me so much about her. Remember this post about my internal struggle? The worst part was that even after she'd be told, by numerous people, not to do a certain thing anymore, she still did it. Remember that?

Well, deja vu. On her last day, I overheard her telling the students that they could contact her anytime they wanted by simply emailing her. You know, if they needed someone to talk to or help with homework. It was very sweet of her, but also, super naive. You should never communicate with students online! (As teachers, we have work email that we use occasionally to communicate with students about grades, but still, you always keep it professional.)

I pulled her aside between classes and warned against it. I told her the story of a teacher who worked at our school and was fired over online communicating with students. I told her I understood the connection you can feel with students, but that I strongly advised against giving them your personal email. I did everything short of smacking her upside the head and taping her mouth shut.

Right. So. On Friday the kids revealed that she gave all of them her email address. Some of them even have her phone number.

Like I said, don't feel too sorry for her anymore. Bitch or no bitch, I can't help someone who just refuses to learn.



Sunshine and Shadows said...

Oh my word - she gave them her email and phone number. That is stupid. I am a teacher - that is a big no, no.

Safe boundaries are a good thing. I don't feel sorry for her at all. She is setting herself up for a big fall if she can't even create boundaries with students - very bad.

emilysuze said...

Wow. This girl is setting the stage for a disaster of epic magnitude. Being an older intern (not someone who is, say, 19 or 21) you'd think she'd learn from all the stories and listen to advice given. Should we lay bets on hearing her name on CNN sometime next year in connection with a student scandal?

P.S. I'm stocking up on vodka and local wines in anticipation of Kim's visit...sure you can't come? :)

Shanel said...

it sounds like she's got a big heart... she's bonded and cares for the kiddos... but she will have to learn that VERY hard lesson on her own... I don't know but maybe she just didn't want to take your advice due to the obvious personality differences you two have...hopefully she will realize what's she's done before she gets in trouble and looses her job.

The Working Girl said...

You're right Shanel, she does have a very big heart. I know that's the reason she gave them her contact info, but it's just not professional. Maybe she didn't want to take my advice b/c of our differences. I was trying to help her not get herself into trouble. I also feel responsible because those are my students and they need safe boundaries - how do I explain to parents why their eleven year old is texting an intern?

wiki-san said...

She is definitely setting her self up for some disastrous event.