Sunday, July 11, 2010


Facebook makes stuff weird.

I'm up here at Montreat, which is amazing! I love it! So many people to see! So many old friends! But honestly, I don't need updates about what's going on in their lives because I see it on facebook. It kind of brings the conversation to an awkward level.

What's that? You got married? I know, I saw the pictures. I can't believe you made your bridesmaid wear those dresses.

You had a baby? Yep, I read all about your pregnancy and delivery. In fact, every time your child craps himself, I get to read about it on facebook.

Hey, there! Long time, no see! How was the PBJ you had for lunch 22 minutes ago?

You know, I kind of miss the old days when we had to play catch up. Now everyone knows too much. Especially those of you who read my blog, then see me in person and remind me about my posts involving nudity. Not entirely awesum.



Determination said...

I agree technology and facebook have taken away the old ways of communicating and good old conversation.

emilysuze said...

I went to a movie yesterday and a girl was there that I haven't actually talked to since her wedding back in September, but she knew about Parker's recent puke fest and asked about him. It took me a second to realize how she would know about Parker and it's all thanks to Facebook.

P.S. If I saw you in person, I would definitely want to discuss cauliflower breasts over margaritas. ;) Have fun in Montreat!

wiki-san said...

Your last little bit, starting with "Hey,there!" and ending at the end, definitely gave me a good laugh. People do tend to know too much these days, but unfortunately there's not a whole lot any of us can do except to stop reading or paying as much attention to people's posts on facebook.

Rockabilly Hippie said...

this is probably the best post I've ever read! Awesomeness, pure awesomeness.