Tuesday, July 27, 2010

into the wild

Montreat was an adventure. I'm not going to lie. Co-directing was not exactly a rewarding experience. In all honesty, it was hard to find any joy in the experience. My old co-d told me that it was like labor pains - it hurts during the process but once you bring the baby home you don't remember the blood, sweat and tears. (Ew.)

And I will admit, in the midst of the headaches and urges to punch people in the face, I did have some pockets of joy. Therefore, I present, the top ten reasons to return to the Montreat Middle School Conference:

10. Drinks from Sonic.
9. Rodney. Oops, I mean ... RODNEY!!!
8. The Variety Show - Little Miss South Carolina plus the dancers from Thornwell = priceless.
7. Almost dying in the golf cart at the hand of Tom and Kari.
6. Singing Justin Beiber with Evelyn whilst brushing my teeth in the morning.
5. Reggie's sermons.
4. Massages from AV Chris.
3. Inevitably saying something inappropriate in front of teenagers.
2. Bedtime stories with Neeley.
1. The family feeling.

I'm not sure if you all (y'all) know this, but you truly are my cloud of witnesses. And I love you, so much.



emilysuze said...

What is up with all of the pregnant ladies and pregnant references in your life?!? ;) Can I bring Baby P to Montreat 'cause it would totally be worth the cross-country trip to get some Sonic goodness.

The Working Girl said...

Not sure about the pregnancy stuff. Trust me, if I'm pregnant, you'll probably see it on the news as the immaculate conception 2.0 unless my summer starts perking up.