Saturday, July 31, 2010

like a racehorse

There I was, in Panera, taking full advantage of the free wifi and wishing their bakery products weren't chock full of delicious calories. Hmm...whatever is a working girl to blog about? Do people want to know that I surpassed the yummy bakery case of brownies and selected only this giant glass of iced tea?

Giant. Iced. Tea.

Great. Suddenly, I had to pee. I packed up my computer and my purse, stopped (of course) for a free refill, and walked into the bathroom.

Huh. Something didn't seem quite right. I visit this Panera often, and I didn't remember the stalls being on the right hand side. And what's with the drab lighting and bare walls? Oh well. My bladder quickly reminded me that there was little time to analyze public bathroom decor. I went into the handicap stall, thinking I could put my computer bag in the sink and hang my purse on the door. But there wasn't a hook on the door for my purse, so I threw it all in the sink, parked it on the bowl and peed with my giant iced tea in hand.

And peed...and peed...and peed. Trust me, this was one magnanimous iced tea.

After washing my hands and gathering up my stuff, I walked out of the bathroom and saw the sign on the door directly across from the room I'd just entered. That sign said "Women".

Which meant, obviously, I'd just used the men's restroom. Not accidentally walked in to, not caught a glance through the swinging door, but full-on peed in the room designated for those with wangs.

It's safe to assume I'll be blogging from Starbucks for the foreseeable future.


Laurie said...

Laughing so hard I nearly peed. :)

emilysuze said...


wiki-san said...

Niiiiice!!! I'm definitely glad to know I'm not the only one who's done that! Welcome to the club of idiotic moments.

feeltheheat said...

to pee, or not to pee...