Saturday, April 4, 2009

spade = gardening tool? guess again

(this blog was inspired by someone I used to know, not any of my awesum readers!)

If you are going to always put a disclaimer on the things you say, please just stop talking. So, in the future, should you find yourself beginning a sentence with something like:

I don't have to justify my behavior, but...

Don't take offense to this, but...

I'm not a judgmental person, but...

First, accept the fact that you are full of shit. Then, accept the following:

No, you don't have to justify your behavior, but you probably feel a little guilty about what you did. Otherwise, you wouldn't be trying to explain it away. Admit it.

If you think what you're about to say is offensive, it is offensive. Suggesting someone not get their feelings hurt doesn't make it any less offensive. Just own up to it and be rude.

If you're making a judgment, you are judgmental. Save us the trouble and keep your opinions to yourself.

Do you guys know people like this? I'm guilty of using these phrases in the past, and I vow to make an honest effort to stop. Call a spade a spade - and stop being such a self-righteous bitch!


emilysuze said...

Umm...I totally check your blog all the time too! But I've stopped checking it so much because of your "live traffic feed" thing. I didn't want you to see how many times I check it and think that I'm an internet stalker. Because I am. :)

P.S. In regards to this post, I would like to add an extra phrase from a certain type of person. "I totally don't like drama. I'm so not into all of that immature bullshit." This coming from the woman who then plays her neighbors against each other and calls me at 4 am to tell me that her husband threw her up against a wall. Which, we reported, and then found out that her husband threw a lamp because he was pissed about finding out that she was sleeping with a neighbor's husband.'re so much better than the rest of us!

The Working Girl said...

That's crazy!!! Bravo should do a "Real Housewives of Seattle" version of you guys.

I didn't know my live feed was deterring people visiting! I'm just a comment whore, though. And, additionally, an internet stalker.