Wednesday, January 27, 2010

an awesum definiton

Recently, two of my favorite blogs changed their titles. I still save them in my bookmarks with the original names, but I like watching over the years as the titles and blogs reinvent themselves with the changing lives of my friends.

Not me, though. What started as "The Sum of Awe" will stay that way. You might wonder what it means, or how I got the idea. You may not care, but I will tell you anyway.

Not shockingly, I was inspired by something I saw at Montreat. What I interpreted as a simple spelling mistake on a powerpoint slide (awesum as opposed to awesome) turned into my simple goal in life.

Steve, the master behind our AV crew at the conference and without whom the conference could operate, explained that he spelled the word wrong on purpose.

"Something is awesome because it is made up of all things awe-ful. Full of awe. To be in awe is great. The sum of awe - all that awe together - is even better."

And that's why I'm constantly searching for awesum moments. Surges of "I can't believe this" coupled with "this is so amazing". Orgasmic life moments, minus random men and/or batteries.

So thanks for keeping up with me, as I tell you about my days - good, bad and awesum. The sum of awe may find me at moments few and far between, but each one is always worth it.



emilysuze said...

You truly are awesum and I'm so glad that I get to stalk you from thousands of miles away. Good luck with your writer's block, glad the metamorphosis of my blog could help out just a teeny pinch's worth. :)

The Working Girl said...

Thanks, my most devoted fan! I'm trying to finish my grad school personal essays - ugh! I have to write two, since I'm applying for a dual degree. One down, one to go!

- said...

Your entry gave me a new perspective on the word "awesome." I think that's really cool and I'm probably going to tell my friends about it! haha.