Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new obsession

Love eating? Me, too. Love writing? Me, too.

Did you know that you can do both? - so awesum

My sister has used Yelp on our past two vacation (Boston and Jensen Island) to find great restaurants and activities. After the infamous Three Dessert Birthday Dinner in Boston, I became a rookie yelper. I'm now addicted!

I figure this addiction is better than, say, my Jersey Shore obsession?

:) wg


emilysuze said...

My brother is addicted to Yelp as well and he's always posting his new reviews on his FB. I know I shouldn't really mock your Jersey Shore addiction since I have dirty t.v. shows of my own that I love to watch. :)

The Working Girl said...

Trust me, if I had oxygen on my cable list, I'd watch bad girls club, too!!