Monday, January 25, 2010

why my job rules

My job is awesum because I work with amazing kids who raised $1000 for Haiti in two days, but mostly, my job is awesum because of the extreme awkwardness I encounter on a daily basis.


Me: Why are you making this hard?
8th grade boy: Huh?
Me: This project. You know, this thing we've been working on? You're making it too hard.
8th grade boy: Too hard?
Me: Yes. Your project is getting too hard. Hard?! I mean, difficult! This whole thing is too difficult!!
8th grade boy: That's what she said.

Good awesum grief.


Heather said...

Muah. Yes, middle school teaching is full of moments just like this! Love it!

emilysuze said...

I really miss middle school.

You should make a daily calendar for new teachers to put on their desk with hints for what not to say to kids. Each day they can pull off another word they can't say in class for fear of a dirty joke being made out of it. :)